Davos 2024: Four focus areas for family offices to consider

The 2024 World Economic Forum set an agenda of Climate Change, Economic Growth, AI Development and Global Cooperation and Security for this year. This insight explores how family office can use these four focus areas to position themselves for the year ahead and beyond.
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What you need to know

  • Davos provides an early chance each year to get insight into areas that will affect family offices worldwide.
  • This year’s four themes should resonate, and motivate the need to explore new opportunities around impact investing.
  • They need to find ways to increase business resilience as a means to withstand expected ongoing economic uncertainty.
  • Finally, family offices should consider leveraging AI for operational optimisation and look for jurisdiction-related opportunities resulting from geopolitical instability.

Impact Strategy Published on Simple January 24, 2024

The purpose of the World Economic Forum is to improve the state of the world. Though dominated by global leaders, some motivated by geopolitical interests, the forum does drive economic policies that affect family office enterprises and investments in the short to medium term. Below are the four themes discussed at Davos 2024:

Tackling climate change and building new energy systems

This year’s most urgent theme dealt with tackling climate change, specifically achieving carbon neutrality by 2050. Global leaders emphasised creating a proactive positive impact, referred to as “regeneration,” rather than solely avoiding a negative one.

For the family offices, the main takeaway from this theme should be to consider further maximising their impact. That means exploring activities like impact investing, coordinating philanthropic efforts with investment strategies, and encouraging collaboration across generations to contribute to a more equitable and sustainable future that benefits the planet.

A new model for growth

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