How family offices can maximise their impact

Over the last few years, geopolitical conflicts, climate issues, energy usage, and the increasing wealth gap have been the only constants. While this has been unsettling for family offices and created the need to diversify away from traditional models, it has also made it clear that preserving family wealth and legacy isn’t enough; it should go hand in hand with making a positive impact. This insight highlights three accessible areas where family offices can maximise their impact.
family office impact

What you need to know

  • Family offices should further embrace impact investing, as it combines financial returns with contributing to global sustainability.
  • Aligning philanthropic activities with overall investment strategies can extend family wealth and influence.
  • Finally, by fostering collaboration across generations within the family, offices can create more comprehensive sustainable investing strategies that ensure the family’s values and legacy continue.

Impact Updated on January 26, 2024

Modern family offices must balance wealth management with sustainable investments that benefit society. Below, we discuss how purpose-driven investments, innovative philanthropy, and fostering intergenerational collaboration can help maximise their impact.

Purpose-driven investments

When thinking about sustainable investing, energy stocks and electric vehicle companies are some of the first things that come to mind. However, impact investing offers affluent families more opportunities to make a global impact. And family offices can forge their own unique investing paths.

For instance, when starting their impact investing journey, families can make more informed decisions using tools such as the Impact Management Platform, which uses the ABC classification model to weigh up impact vs financial returns on investments. Moreover, family offices can assess their current portfolios to see if they align with the UN’s sustainable development goals, the shared blueprint for peace and prosperity for people and the planet.


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