How the next generation can turn pre-contemporary art into meaningful wealth
As the greatest wealth-transfer in history is underway, noteworthy heirlooms such as important art collections, historic real estate are being taken over by a new generation. Can these inheritors embrace their new ownership and find ways to make it a meaningful relationship – or will the family jewels be destined for the auction houses? We explore some options.
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Art Updated on October 21, 2022

Presently some of the world’s finest cultural heritage, residing within the private homes of the world’s most affluent families, is about to make a move.  Artworks like Greco-Roman or Egyptian antiquities, Old Masters, early impressionist paintings, Asian works of art, Vellum books, or important musical and literary archives, will greet new owners.

Also on their way are noteworthy original decorative arts and antiques from famous design houses in history, such as Gallet, Chippendale, Wedgewood, Villeroy & Boch, Faberge, Christofle, Hermes, and others, renowned for their innovation, technique, and aesthetics.

In a world of new socio-economic habits, emerging technologies, and new tendencies in the art investment world, one wonders what is the fate of these artworks in the hands of the next generation.

Many of these are considered heirlooms with ‘added value’, as they are carrying not only a family legacy but also important elements of cultural heritage. The question is- Are affluent families having conversations about the destiny of their ‘things of culture’ in an essential way – or is it all about money, stocks, and property?

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Matina Agio

Matina Agio

Art & inheritance management

Matina Agio is an art and heritage consultant for family offices and ultra-high-net-worth individuals.

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