Redefining wealth through impact: Umana Family Office

Established in 2018, UMANA is a multi-family office based in San Francisco that focuses on serving some of the world’s most powerful, influential and misunderstood individuals.

Umana Family Office
Updated on May 10, 2022

About the Company


  • Location United States of America
  • Type Multi Family Office

Tell us a bit about the services Umana has on offer.

Umana is a human-driven and tech-enabled family office. We offer a range of services along that spectrum: from portfolio intelligence and smart portfolio management to wellness services and human flourishing. We create the bigger picture and present this to our clients with clarity, ultimately helping them to answer the question of ‘what does wealth mean to me?’· Our services are geared towards reorienting capital towards a new economy that is focused on meaning and human relationships.

What’s the vision behind Umana?

Our vision is first and foremost to redefine wealth. It’s important to us that each of our clients has a solid understanding of what wealth means to them. Once that is clear, we work on creating more.

We find that most clients are more motivated by creating real value in the world, than by simply creating more capital wealth. For them, it’s about changing the world for the better and leaving a legacy that they will be proud of.

Spiritual connection and healing are very important to our organisation. We call our family members our ‘family by choice’. They love that.

Tell us about your approach to client relationships.

We are extremely hands-on. We truly become the COO – or even the CEO – of the client’s life, specifically in relation to their individual ownership and leadership.

We offer a range of services purely on a value-added basis, from spiritual guidance, to advice on personal finance. We educate them on a range of topics, from the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals to cryptomarkets.

Our clients’ level of joy and fulfilment are the key metrics through which we measure our success. We also utilise impact metrics in order to assess what their legacy will be. And lastly we look to financial results.

Why should Impact be on the radar of Family Offices?

Green companies are really having their moment during this crisis. We’ve already had significant allocations in companies like Beyond Meat, but in March this year we started increasing them. Investments like these have been performing extremely well, and will continue to do so. Through these investments, we are able to generate high financial returns without betraying and of our core values and principles.

It’s been encouraging for our investors to see that our heart-driven approach to business has proven to be ‘antifragile’ – even in the face of a ‘black swan’ event like COVID-19.

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