Abbove (PaxFamilia) develops a collaborative wealth planning platform uniting advisors, their clients, wealth data and technology in one place.

Abbove’s goal is to help advisors serve their clients with a structured and holistic approach to their wealth. To that end, their wealth management platform helps financial advisors to:

– Understand their clients’ global (wealth) situation. For this, the platform is equipped with structured and detailed inventories in which data about assets, family and marital situation, gifts, financial objectives and wealth-related documents can be stored and organised.

– Serve their clients with the right solutions at the right time with the help of integrated planning tools, such as a financial planning tool, reporting tool and inheritance tax calculator (Belgium only).

– Offer their clients continuous support and a unique client experience. The platform allows advisors to actively engage their clients in their wealth planning by giving them 24/7 access to their wealth data via an intuitive client interface. In addition, the clients can also invite family members or other trusted third parties to access their wealth database and enrich it together.

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FAQs about Abbove

What is Abbove?
Abbove provides a consolidated reporting solution to family offices.
What does Abbove do?
Abbove offers a unique, collaborative wealth planning platform that unites advisors, their clients, wealth data, and technology through a single interface.
How does Abbove work?
Abbove offers structured and detailed asset inventories where all the data about family assets, wealth structures, gifts, financial objectives and wealth-related documents can be stored and organised in a secure, digital vault. Abbove also features robust integration solutions to existing software through its own API, file integration framework, account aggregation, and file import/export.
How much does Abbove cost?
Seat-based or feature-based pricing structure with an average per-annum cost of €15k.