Finartis is a developer of financial software intended to serve the wealth management industry. The company offers modular and multi-channel front-to-back solutions for asset, wealth as well as fund management along with asset allocation and risk management platform accessible through mobile and web, enabling clients to improve transparency and efficiency.


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Products and services

Prospero covers all aspects of financial services operations: wealth management, asset management, fund administration, and independent asset management/family office. Solutions can be implemented separately or as an integrated whole–and all will interface with a legacy system as part of a best-of-breed approach.
BlackSwan Financial Platform provides a new approach to maximise returns and minimise losses during extreme market conditions. It uses a mathematical model to find the allocation, within a portfolio of financial assets, that maximises the investor's expected return while minimising his maximum loss. It helps maximise return during normal market conditions, minimise losses during extreme crashes, and maximise the gains during extreme rallies.

About the business

FINARTIS Group SA is a global financial technology company and banking software provider. It develops Prospero, a suite of solutions precisely fitted to the needs of specific segments of the financial services industry; and BlackSwan Financial Platform, a portfolio optimisation solution.


The company was founded in 1986 and was acquired by Valsoft Corporation Inc. in 2021.

About the owners and the team

Finartis has a small team of around 50 employees led by the CEO, Jean Luc Freymond.


Single family offices

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  • Multi family offices
  • Fund managers
  • Banks



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