The Upright Project

Upright is an innovative fintech that has distinct offerings for investors, companies, public sector, employees, and consumers that quantify impact to enable better decision making. They have partnered with NASDAQ to make their net impact data available to all asset owners and asset managers globally. Upright also offers SFDR and EU Taxonomy solutions through a flexible toolkit.

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Products and services

The Upright Project helps investors utilise net impact data to align profits with impact targets. They also assist companies with improving and communicating their impact to address growing clients’ demands and improve resource allocation, which allows the public sector to give to companies to support their goals.

About the business

The company builds an automated model to quantify net impact of companies on people, planet, society, and knowledge.


Incorporated in Finland, The Upright Project was founded in 2017 by Annu Nieminen.

About the owners and the team

Despite its wide range of impact activities and initiatives, the company is run by a small team managed by its founder and CEO, Annu Nieminen.

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