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Sonja Kissling

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Sonja Kissling specialises in helping families with complex relationships; where family must be organised and the relationship between family and business cultivated. 

With her background in law and mediation she knows the legal matters but places special focus on the integrative process which takes into account the interest of all family members. In this sense she works as a family facilitator and provides counselling and reflection sessions, topic specific workshops and mediation.

Sonja achieves this level of cohesion through working with governance, decision making processes and organisational structures. From there she can help advise on what corporate structures are needed, like a  holding company, family office or foundation? The next output looks at what contracts are required – shareholders agreements, inheritance, matrimonial, or other agreements? She also defines the family bodies; family council, board of directors, foundation board etc. figures out what they need and who should be in the body; family representatives or non-family members specifically.


Region: Europe

Based in: Zurich

Focus: Governance, Organisational restructuring, Mediation


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To me it is important to place special focus on an integrative process when dealing with legal matter, one that takes into account the interests of all family members.


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