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KORE Technologies integrates customers’ large-scale systems with its extensive experience and Hyper Protect infrastructure. This enables fully automated, digitally generated certificates of authenticity and ownership.


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The KORE tokenisation platform is aimed at asset managers who want to issue and digitally manage assets such as funds, real estate, bonds, shares, or other valuables on a regular basis. As a white-labelled solution, the platform is adapted to the appearance of the issuer and includes a highly secure wallet solution for each individual investor. With its extensive experience and Hyper Protect infrastructure, KORE integrates customers' large-scale systems to fully automate the creation of fungible or non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

About the business

KORE Technologies builds and offers Swiss technology platforms & services, enabling full life-cycle digital asset management and compliance. KORE Technologies provides institutions and enterprises with high-performance IaaS and SaaS on decentralized systems.


With headquarter in Zug, Switzerland, KORE was founded in 2018 by Carla Bünger, Michael Guzik, Michael Guzik and Thomas Taroni.

About the owners and the team

KORE Technologies is run by a small team led by Carla Bünger, CEO of the company.


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