BitGo empowers businesses to integrate digital currencies into their existing financial systems securely and at scale without ever taking custody of the asset.


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The company offers a multi-signature Bitcoin wallet service, where keys are divided among a number of owners to manage risk. Generally, BitGo wallets have three keys: one held by BitGo, and two held by the wallet's owner. Wallets can be configured in both hot and cold configurations, as well as non-custodial and custodial configurations.

About the business

BitGo is the leader in digital asset financial services, providing institutional investors and crypto platforms with liquidity, custody, and security.


BitGo was founded by Mike Belshe, along with other co-founders in 2013.

About the owners and the team

With its headquarters in California, BitGo employs over 200 employees managed by Mike Belshe, CEO of the company.


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