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+impact is a free platform connecting startups with investors, propelling positive impact in the Nordics. +impact focuses on Nordic startups working to tackle societal challenges within the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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About the business

+impact accelerates the transition to a circular economy within agrifood, energy transition & electrification, and circular economy within smart cities verticals with RI.SE, WeWork Labs, and Danske Bank. As a part of their program, +impact interviewed over 1.000 startups from Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and Finland as a contribution to The Hub, which is a startup directory facilitated by Danske Bank. Recently, they created, networked and accelerated with around 100 startups from Copenhagen, Stockholm, and Oslo, among others with HOMR, Hooked, Fremby, Comeat, or Lulu Lab.


Launched in Ocotber 2018 in Stockholm, Sweden by Danske bank, +impact accelerated 8 batches of startups. The first group graduated from Danske Bank’s +impact in January 2019, while the current batch is finishing i their 6-week-long program in March 2022.

About the owners and the team

Despite the wide range of its initiatives, +impact is run by a small team managed by Klavs Hjort, their CEO.

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