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Portfolio Management
United States of America

RUBY brings to our clients an unparalleled ability to manage their wealth across all asset classes in a unified, real-time platform, tailored to the unique needs of each family.
RUBY levels the playing field by making big-firm technology affordable to family offices of all sizes. It solves the hugely expensive problem of data integration in investment management and tames the complexity inherent in reporting across asset classes, functions and geographies. It provides a customizable technology platform that enables business intelligence, risk management and diversification, while saving clients time and money and allowing them to focus on strategy. Its modern, cloud-native technology ensures faster servicing of business requests with reduced operational risk.

Key Company Info

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Facts about the company






Owned by management


United States of America

  • Greenwich
  • Niš
Top 5 Markets
  • United States of America
  • United Kingdom
  • Germany
  • Singapore

Facts about the clients


Single-Family Offices

Serves also
  • Individual Wealth Owners
  • Multi-Family Offices
  • Financial advisors
  • Fund managers
  • 1 Single Family Office
  • 1 Asset manager
  • 3 Hedge funds

Arnold Barnes, COO at P.A.W. Family Office, Lawrence Danter, MD at Evolution Markets

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    What Ruby's clients say

    "Recently I took on a new challenge at a shop focused on the environmental markets, and one of my first orders of business was to hire Sophia and her Accordia Group to implement the RUBY system for a one-of-a-kind system."

    Lawrence Danter

    M.D. Evolution Markets


    Get an overview of what this software does.

    The basics

    Basics about the product

    Main tasks
    • Consolidated Reporting
    • Compliance (e.g. AML, KYC, regulatory reporting)
    • Portfolio Management
    • Trading (orders only)
    • Data Aggregation
    • Risk Management
    • Impact/ESG Reporting
    Top features
    • Security Master
    • Order Management
    • Data Aggregation
    • P&L and Performance
    • Risk
    • Reconciliations
    • Alerts
    • Compliance
    • Consolidated Reporting
    • Client Portal
    Assets supported
    • Bankable assets
    • Private equity
    • Real estate
    • Rare collectibles (e.g. luxury cars, boats, high-value jewelry)


    Download Detailed Feature List

    Look under the hood

    Type Of Software
    • Serviced Software
    • SAAS
    • Fully Standalone
    • Private or public cloud of client’s choice
    • Office 365 or Active Directory Authentication
    • Encrypted data exchange between web UI and services running in the cloud
    • Option to use dedicated connection for streaming data between web UI and back-end services in the cloud
    • Encryption of database data residing in the cloud


    • Office 365 security integration Bloomberg
    • BackOffice
    • SAPI and Data
    • License Fin CAD financial library
    Mobile App


    Reporting-specific features

    They handle reporting like this

    Type of data

    Transaction level

    • Daily reconciliations against broker and other 3rd-party feeds
    • Monthly / Quarterly reconciliations against broker and investment-manager statements


    Time to new custodian

    2-3 weeks

    • Set multiple base currencies
    • Separate holding level gain/loss from currency gain/loss
    • Based on holding/position data
    • Based on transaction data
    Pricing & Co

    Learn about the commercials

    Cost structure
    • AUM based
    • Feature based
    Average cost p.a.
    • Family Office: 35-50K
    • Hedge Fund: 50-100K

    Support & Services

    Learn what support and services you can expect

    Support options

    General contact mail or phone, Dedicated contact

    Pricing of support

    Free support


    2-3 months


    Fix Connections
    Data Feeds to/from brokers, fund admins, 3rd party platforms
    Models for new products
    Reporting for Upper Management & Investors

    Bespoke development

    Valuation and Risk of bespoke products traded by the client.

    Added services

    Data entry
    Book keeping, Software development

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