Vanilla is an estate planning software company that builds tools that help financial advisors collaborate on the most intimate planning with their clients—and empower everyone to make the most of their life’s work.


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About the business

Vanilla combines cutting-edge technology, innovative design, and top-of-the-line wealth transfer strategies to make estate planning easier and more standardized. It empowers advisors to work proactively with their clients to assess, optimize, and adjust their estate plans as their needs evolve over time.


Vanilla was founded in 2019 by Steve Lockshin to efficiently explain the value derived from estate planning and identify opportunities to add value for clients subject to the estate tax.

About the owners and the team

Steve Lockshin is an entrepreneur in the wealth management services industry. Steve has built and sold RIAs and TAMPs. Now doing it again. He founded Vanilla with a primary focus towards serving the ultra-affluent through effective estate and investment planning.

Simple solutions for complex times.