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Voly offers an accounting software solution to family offices to help them manage valuable assets, including yachts, property, aircraft, fine art, and bloodstock, such as thoroughbred horses.

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About the business

Voly's Accounting service offers a user-friendly and innovative platform to digitalize all family office operations. With the integrated Voly Prepaid Mastercard, transactions can be automatically uploaded to the accounting software, eliminating the need to spend time reconciling credit card statements.


Voly was created in 2016 by Ian Flanagan. Identifying a gap in the yachting market, he made a single platform to meet the needs of the yachting industry.

About the owners and the team

Ian Flanagan, Founder and CEO, started as a pro tennis player, winning gold at Youth Olympics. Injury ended his sports career, but his ambition remained, driving him into business.

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