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    Wealth Spectrum

    Portfolio Management

    WealthSpectrum is developed and owned by Applied Software Pvt. Ltd., a software product company focused on financial services industry. Applied Software has a successful track record of over two decades providing solutions based on leading edge technologies to the customers in India and the United States. We and our subsidiary in the United States – Applied Software, Inc. are entirely funded by promoter’s capital and retained earnings, and there is no outside borrowing or funding to date.

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    Chief Investment Officer

    Multi Family Office in the US

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    WIZE by TeamWork

    Portfolio Management

    The Swiss all-in-one Wealth & Asset Management solution with an integrated portfolio management system including 100+ custodian automatic feeds for multi-asset consolidated reporting.

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    Consolidated Reporting
    United States of America

    Addepar is a leading wealth management technology platform for connecting data, technology and people to manage wealth and achieve multigenerational family objectives

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