Anton Kjærgaard
Imagine a world where we didn’t travel…

In today’s reality, such a notion would be nothing short of catastrophic – and undeniably mundane.
Anton Kjærgaard

Anton has dedicated his entire professional journey to the world of travel, assuming pivotal roles within global airlines and travel conglomerates. Armed with an executive degree from Copenhagen Business School and a comprehensive exploration of all seven continents, Anton now fulfils his ambition through his passion at the pioneering travel agency 80days. Here, he spearheads two distinctive concepts – “Passepartout” and “Boardroom.”

In the realm of sumptuous travel experiences, “Passepartout” navigates the ultra-space with unparalleled flair, curating extraordinary journeys for an exclusive clientele of UHNWI from across the globe. Our clients prioritize privacy and personalized luxury, revelling in the forefront of experimental travel. We are not a pursuit for the masses, yet the masses always pursue us.

Meanwhile, with “Boardroom,” we transpose the magic of the “Passepartout” travel sphere into the boardroom, orchestrating gatherings that foster conversation and innovation in a setting that would have otherwise eluded you.

Imagine yourself in an off-grid oasis, where the untamed beauty of the wild converges with lavish comfort, allowing conversations to unfold, liberated from the constraints of your typical social structure at home. This exclusive crowd is predominately comprised of private circles and global business titans.

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