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When it comes to family offices, many trusted advisors are seasoned professionals who have developed close ties to the family heads.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are portfolio management systems?

This software consolidates and enriches information on complex assets in a single application. They combine the functions of portfolio administration to facilitate risk management and reporting. With seamless data integration and bespoke service, these wealth management tools allow family offices to focus on strategy and vision.

Why do family offices need portfolio management systems?

Intuitive portfolio management systems can offer family offices a number of services, including detailed investment reporting, aggregated data and a comprehensive view of their wealth presented in an easily-consumed format. With the right wealth management software, family offices can make more informed decisions by applying actionable insights and relying on reporting tailored to specific needs.

Family office portfolio rebalancing

Family office portfolio rebalancing

Portfolio rebalancing is the buying or selling of assets to maintain the desired asset allocation in an investment portfolio and forms a key part of any family office investment strategy.

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How do I choose the right software for my family office?

What separates a good portfolio management system from a great one is integration. This software aims to provide value across the entire wealth chain by connecting data, technology and people to manage and achieve family wealth objectives.

The key features of portfolio management software

  • The ability to aggregate data from various custodians
  • Being able to see the system in detail before you buy
  • Integrations to other solutions enable the building of a “tech stack.”
  • Links to other data providers for risk-, performance- and ESG data
  • Added support and service to get the product up-and-running
  • Well-executed localisation to support different regions
  • Expandable functions to support new asset classes.
  • Data independence and the ability to take your data with you

Find the top portfolio management systems here

Private Wealth Systems

Private Wealth Systems Private Wealth Systems

United States of America
Consolidated Reporting

Private Wealth Systems provides the digital infrastructure that powers modern family offices across the world.

masttro family office software

Masttro Masttro

United States of America
Consolidated Reporting

Masttro connects the entire wealth management ecosystem, providing a single source of trusted information for family offices to rely on.

Eton Logo

Eton Solutions Eton Solutions

United States of America
Portfolio Management

Eton's platform, AtlasFive, reimagines each intricate process of a family office into one integrated platform that optimizes efficiency, increases transparency, and maximizes accuracy.

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