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Agile Strategy Canvas

Companies need to operate at immense speeds to succeed in the global business landscape today. The only way to do this effectively is by having an agile strategy. This is no different for family offices. Starting with being purpose driven this entirely changes the way organizations used to operate.

Our Agile Strategy Framework is a tool that can help both family businesses and family offices without operational businesses be more agile and remain relevant for future generations.

Three Parts

1. Purpose & Values > Why

2. Business Model > What

3. Operational Model > How

Agile strategies are born from having a clearly defined purpose (the why). From there, organizations need a set of values that can support the agile way of working. This flows into the actual business model make-up (the what) and from there to an agile operational model (the how). 

We have designed our own frameworks to help both family offices and family businesses embrace the agile way. This can be implemented as a standalone project or alongside our operational software tools for real digitization. 

Want to find out what your agility score is? Get in touch with us to learn more about our free benchmarking tool and agile transformation process.

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