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A truly diversified portfolio calls for alternative investments – be it (hedge) funds, private equity, real estate, or other commodities. When it comes to managing these investments, family offices need to keep track of commitments, capital drawdowns, conversions, valuations and more. Using dedicated technology can simplify their workflow and reduce time spent on management.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does alternative investment management software work?

Products that focus on this area often use ETL (Extract, Transform & Load) technology and processes to extract data from documents once they have been collected. To do this effectively, it is important to have the right templates in place.

What does alternative investment management software do?

Alternative investment management technology handles an investor's admin, accounting, compliance, and surveillance demands and further aim to improve research management and reporting, as well as offer real-time product transaction and fund lifecycle tracking.

An introduction to family office investments

An introduction to family office investments

Family office investment trends suggest a more active, growth-oriented mindset as well as a more socially-focused one. Regardless of how priorities shift over time, having a sound investment management process in place is critical for all family offices.

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Learn more about alternative investment management for family offices

Why do family offices invest into alternative asset classes?

The UBS Global Family Office Report 2022 shows that family offices are entering a new era of strategic asset allocation to diversify their portfolio and pad themselves against market downturns. Alternative investments can further improve risk profile while enhancing total return through accessing a broader universe of investments and strategies.

What are alternative asset classes?

Here are the most popular alternative asset classes:

  • Private equities
  • Funds and hedge funds
  • Real estate
  • Private debt
  • Natural resources
  • Infrastructure

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