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As family offices expand the range of their activities, automating as many aspects of their operations is crucial and for many family offices, manual bill payments can be a real pain point. Bill payment software automates this system to allow family offices to focus on other important tasks This also creates a workflow, which is an increasingly beneficial value-add due to the time involved.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What can bill pay solutions do?

Bill pay solutions automate money transfers and help family offices save valuable time. Bringing bill payments in-house instead of relying on bank services can also reduce costs and align the processes closer with other operations. Family offices use solutions from external service providers to implement bill payment systems.

Why family offices use bill pay solutions?

Not relying on a single bank can help family offices avoid higher service costs and poor customer service. Additionally, manual money transfers and cost management are very time intensive. Family offices, therefore, can use service providers to reduce their expenses and time spent on these operations to focus on other activities that matter.

A Simple guide to implementing family office technology

A Simple guide to implementing family office technology

To execute a successful technology rollout in any family office, there has to be forward-planning, with clear objectives and required outcomes. This guide lays out how to get started with implementing family office technology to start improving your processes, promoting productivity, and saving time now.

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Level up your operations with family office technology
Level up your operations with family office technology

Technology is crucial for family offices in order to automate and optimise data, which can help with transparency, better decision-making opportunities, and better data security. Not only can technology provide access to real-time data, but family offices can track overall wealth and assist with an outsourcing strategy.