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Carte Blanche Family Office is an independent multi-family office platform that upholds the Swiss tradition of dedicated wealth management for private and institutional clients. With a focus on providing comprehensive services, Carte Blanche Family Office offers a wide range of options designed to complement and enhance their clients’ existing wealth management services.

The firm’s commitment to independence ensures that its clients’ best interests are always at the forefront, allowing for unbiased advice and tailored solutions. Drawing on its long-standing experience in the financial industry, Carte Blanche Family Office delivers personalised wealth management services that align with its clients’ unique needs and goals.


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What sets Carte Blanche Family Office apart

With expertise spanning the arts, sciences, law, business, economics, and finance, Carte Blanche Family Office boasts a team with significant experience and diverse insights in various financial services, entrepreneurial, and corporate leadership roles. This wide-ranging expertise allows the firm to have an intrinsic understanding of global markets and the synergies between them.

Drawing on their comprehensive training and diverse backgrounds, Carte Blanche Family Office is able to provide clients with valuable insights and strategic guidance in navigating the complexities of today’s economic landscape. The firm’s team plays an important role in maintaining the pace and character of economic development for their clients, leveraging their diverse skill sets to deliver holistic and informed wealth management solutions.

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