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Veritable, L.P. is an investment advisory firm that provides discretionary investment supervisory services to high-net-worth families, individual family members and their family-related entities, and other clients, such as corporations, pension and profit-sharing plans, and public non-profits. It was founded in 1986 as Stolper & Co. by Michael Stolper and emerged in its current form in 2004, following a management buy-out by its partners who were managers of Hawthorn’s investment consulting business. Veritable is headquartered in suburban Philadelphia and serves clients across the United States.


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About Veritable LP

Veritable is an investment advisory firm that offers unbiased, integrated investment solutions for families with substantial wealth. Founded in 1986 as Stolper & Co., Veritable is an owner-operated firm with offices in suburban Philadelphia. The firm's Chief Investment Officers work with families across the United States to provide personalised investment solutions.

  • Executive Committee

    Michael Stolper (Founder & CEO), Vanessa Kyranakis (CFO), Jared Weiner (Partner), Robert Lazaroff (Partner)

What sets Veritable LP apart

Veritable is an investment advisory firm that provides personalised and integrated investment solutions to high-net-worth families, entities, corporations, and non-profits. They actively engage in every aspect of their clients’ financial lives, providing advice on various financial matters, from business transactions and tax optimisation strategies to estate planning and charitable giving. Veritable approaches each issue with creativity, resourcefulness, and thoughtful judgment to provide their clients with effective solutions tailored to their unique needs.

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