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Brian Russell, PhD, JD, MBA, is a world-renowned relationship expert who also has an extensive background in law and business, which makes him ideally suited to help high-net-worth clients whose family dynamics impact the management of their assets and/or the planning of their estates.

Dr. Russell has appeared on multiple TV and Radio shows as an expert on family dynamics and has written a book on entitlement—how to avoid or stop promoting it and how to promote personal responsibility and gratitude instead.

Dr. Russell is based in the midwestern United States but offers family-dynamics advice to high-net-worth clients and to their financial and legal advisors worldwide. Whether they’re dealing with intergenerational family-business issues like succession planning around differing visions of the future, or legal issues like estate-planning around complex family structures or impaired heirs, his multidisciplinary expertise and experience can be of great value to the decision-making process.

Region: United States

Based in: Kansas

Focus: Succession and estate planning, Family dynamics


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The first word in “family office” is “family,” and that’s my specialty – the dynamics, differences, and dreams of the family whose wealth, legacy, and relationships we’re working to foster.


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