Dr Kevin Fleming
"Grey Matters International is all about shining the light – from inside of the brain out on the hidden illusions in our decision making around the distinctions between success and happiness."
Dr Kevin Fleming

Dr Fleming’s thought leadership in the neuroeconomics of decision making has been instrumental in helping both the at-risk high net worth client and the mainstream prevention-seeking family office to incorporate and implement best practice behaviour change solutions to preserve both one’s wealth and one’s brain – the latter being the key to improved self-regulation and grounded reality testing that brings contentment with one’s achievements.

In a recent study with high net worth individuals, happiness was measured on a scale from 1 to 10 and assessed, as well as what it would take to get to a perfect 10.  What was most interesting was the level of the ‘hedonic treadmills’ at play here and that regardless of the meaningful place of a higher number already achieved or the actual amount of wealth attained, they all noted a perceived need of 2-3 times the increase to get to a perfect 10.

Grey Matters International begins with this reality of misperception, comparison-based deception inherent in us, and a wide range of consequent mental health factors that make us all vulnerable to attempts at improving one’s sense of being both successful and content. We do this via some stunning neurotechnology solutions that look at modulating self-regulation systems and their communication back and forth with the prefrontal cortex – the CEO of our brain. Working with the private wealth world (and other distinctive executive clientele in 5 continents), my clients employ my services to ensure the journey and hard work are not sabotaged, which is always at risk with what happens in the brain with the dopaminergic reward circuitry – a true double-edged sword.

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