ClearMacro acts as a “CIO co-pilot” for family offices driving better investment outcomes and clearer communications with stakeholders. Our lightweight, SaaS-based platform empowers family offices to integrate AI and data-derived insights and Asset Allocation into their portfolios for smarter decision-making.

For Single Family Offices: ClearMacro enables SFOs to leapfrog a generation in building institutional-grade investment capabilities (especially for multi-asset portfolios across public markets) and can materially improve the cost-benefit relative to being serviced by a private bank.

For Multi Family Offices: ClearMacro underpins scalability and value-cost propositions, including an enhanced ability to drive actively managed portfolios of passives, which helps retain existing end-clients and attract new ones.

Many family offices employ only bottom-up investment selection (funds or directs) and do not have any asset allocation process in place, thus ignoring the most important driver of portfolio returns. And, if they do apply top-down Asset Allocation techniques, they tend to use sub-optimal (backward-looking) assumptions which lead to sub-optimal outcomes for them.

Markets are generally forward-looking hence the ClearMacro platform offers a forward-looking co-pilot solution that provides real-time investment guidance. This structured framework reduces cognitive bias and helps outline optimal actions (and the supporting rationale) to consider taking across asset classes and markets.

This sophisticated but user-friendly product was born from solving problems at large and sophisticated multi-asset institutions. Developed and evolved over 9 years by a team of institutional investors, ClearMacro has accumulated data and technology that most family offices or even investment strategy teams, under continued short-term delivery cycles and finite budgets, can rarely match (and at typically only 10% of in-house costs).

The platform integrates public and private datasets, a range of quant and AI techniques to integrate perspectives over a range of investment horizons. It supports asset allocation across multiple asset classes, geographies, and horizons, and is expanding to include real and alternative assets. ClearMacro acts as a comprehensive investment decision support tool, offering tailored outputs and interfaces, including dashboards and APIs, to suit different user needs.

Proven family office benefits include a more consistent and richer investment decision-making framework which is real-time and can cover a broader opportunity set, leading to:

  • improved investment performance
  • lowered costs
  • more consistent decision-making framework
  • enhanced team credibility
  • reduced key person risk

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