LedgeX vs Elysys

You are looking for alternatives to LedgeX. Here you can compare the best Investment Management Software and other family office technologies based on our annual benchmark and comparison surveys.
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Portfolio Management

USA based, Ledgex Pro is comprehensive portfolio management and accounting suite designed specifically for family offices to help them with data quality & control, portfolio accounting, general ledger, performance & analytics reporting, modelling, and beneficial owner tracking.

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Financial reporting system


Consolidated Reporting

Elysys is a secure, scalable and integrated enterprise software for wealth management professionals working under several regulatory and compliance frameworks. Elysys is a technology specialist in the wealth management and structured finance space. Elysys is the company that pioneered the use of Microsoft’s next-generation ERP applications in the financial services sector, with a vision to bring the most innovative, comprehensive and cost-effective value proposition to the global family office industry.

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Privately owned


  • United States of America


  • Waltham, Massachusetts

Top markets

Total AUM

Avg. AUM per client

$500 million – $1 billion

  • 50

  • 1999

  • Owned by management
  • External investors (neither clients nor staff)

  • Monaco
  • New York

  • London
  • Montreal
  • Hong Kong
  • Dubai
  • New York

  • Monaco
  • Switzerland
  • United Kingdom
  • Canada
  • Dubai

  • $200 billion

  • $2 billion


  • Single family offices
  • Multi-family offices

Serves also

  • Complex asset owners


  • 15

Single-family offices

  • Individual wealth owners
  • Multi-family offices
  • Fund managers
  • Banks
  • Trust companies

  • 50 single and multi-family offices

Main Tasks

  • Data aggregation and management for all transactions and market values
  • Review and approval of transaction and market value entries
  • Tax lot processing and reporting
  • General ledger processing
  • Financial reporting
  • Beneficial owner management and reporting
  • Portfolio modeling
  • Cash flow modeling
  • Exposure monitoring and reporting
  • Performance and analytics reporting
  • Entity management

Top features

  • Data aggregation and management
  • Data confidence index reporting
  • Side by Side ABOR vs IBOR Reporting
  • Beneficial ownership
  • Liquidity forecasting
  • Entity management
  • What-if/Portfolio modeling
  • Exposure reporting
  • Lookthru reporting

Assets supported

  • Public funds (partnerships, offshore funds, unitized funds, mutual funds/ETFs, etc)
  • Private investments (private equity, venture capital, REITs, etc)
  • Any commitment-based funds
  • Marketable Securities
  • Trusts
  • Cash and liquid assets
  • Personal assets (real estate, vehicles, artwork, etc)




  • Accounting
  • Consolidated reporting
  • CRM
  • Governance
  • Compliance
  • Portfolio management
  • Data aggregation
  • Risk management
  • Impact/ESG reporting
  • Dynamic integrated workflow management
  • Alternative asset management and tracking
  • Document management and AI assisted search
  • Performance reporting

  • Portfolio aggregation
  • Investment accounting
  • Front, mid and back office workflow
  • Holistic treasury management
  • Loans accounting
  • Risk and compliance
  • Performance calculation/attribution
  • Regulatory reporting, reporting database
  • Microsoft Azure security framework
  • CRM
  • Document management
  • General ledger / General Accounting
  • Budget
  • Aggregation of financial and non-financial assets
  • Partnership and trust accounting
  • Account payables and receivables
  • Consolidated reporting
  • Portfolio management
  • Client portal
  • Electronic banking
  • Direct secure connections to banks and brokers
  • Corporate management

  • All assets are supported

  • GDPR
  • MiFID II
  • SOC2
  • GAAP (UK, US, LUX, CH)
  • ASPE

  • No

Type of software




  • Azure PaaS and IaaS


  • Data feeds
  • OCR integration
  • CRM integration
  • 3rd party general ledger systems
  • Document storage solutions
  • AP/Bill pay
  • Data warehouse

Mobile App


  • SaaS
  • Fully Standalone

  • Native Azure AD integration
  • Includes Multi-factor authentication, SSL encryption 
  • Azure AD security policy strengthening and enforcement
  • Security Audits

  • Microsoft

  • Dynamics 365 Business Central platform
  • Office 365, Power BI and Power Apps
  • Secure channels with banks and brokers
  • Bloomberg, Refinitiv, SIX, Xignite, EDI, etc..
  • European Central Bank
  • Bank of Canada
  • FED
  • Tradingview.com
  • Bills.com
  • Payment platforms

  • Yes

Simple solutions for complex times.