SS&C Family Office Services

SS&C’s Family Office Services provides a comprehensive, customizable solution for back office operations including accounting, analytics, and reporting for single and multi-family offices.

By leveraging SS&C’s solution, family offices can reduce cost and operational risk in every-day operations while enabling their staff to focus on higher-value activities. We deliver solutions to family offices for handling complex securities, sophisticated investment strategies, multi-tiered ownership structures, global investments, and increasing regulatory demands that characterize the market.

SS&C’s combination of industry-leading technology and an experienced service team ensures we meet the unique needs of family offices. Connect today to learn how a partnership with SS&C can transform your family office’s operational challenges into strengths.


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"Our subject matter experts have decades of experience in supporting family offices. This combination of a dedicated support team that is an extension of the family office and SS&C’s integrated platform simplifies the complexity of a family office."
Darren Berkowicz


Get an overview of what this software does.

Main tasks

  • Accounting
  • Consolidated reporting
  • Governance
  • Portfolio management
  • Data aggregation

Top features

  • Fully integrated, multi-currency portfolio management
  • Integrated reporting for multi-tiered ownership structures

Assets supported

  • Bankable assets
  • Private equity
  • Real estate
  • Rare collectibles (e.g. luxury cars, boats, high-value jewelry)



Type Of Software

  • SaaS
  • Serviced software


  • Microsoft
  • SAP
  • Java
  • Adobe

Mobile App


Type of data

  • Transaction level


  • Proprietary tools to verify and validate the data entered
  • Reconciliation to source data based on the periodicity of the clients service level agreement


  • Set multiple base currencies
  • Separate holding level gain/loss from currency gain/loss
  • Based on holding/position data
  • Based on transaction data

Cost structure

  • Complexity based
SS&C Family Office Services


Consolidated Reporting


United States of America

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Company Representative


Darren Berkowicz

Managing Director, Head of SS&C’s Family Office Services

Key Company Info

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  • 500+


  • $4.6 million


  • 1986


  • United States of America


  • Windsor
  • Hong Kong
  • Dubai
  • Singapore

Top 5 Markets

  • States of America
  • United Kingdom
  • Canada
  • Ireland
  • Hong Kong

Total AUM

  • $2.6 trillion

Avg. AUM per client

  • $1.2 billion


  • Single-family offices

Serves also

  • Individual wealth owners
  • Multi-family offices


  • 18,000

Available upon request

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Support & Services

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Support options

Dedicated contact

Pricing of support

Based on Service Level Agreements


Between 60-180 days


Yes, we provide report customization.

Bespoke development

Yes, generally client funded if it is bespoke

Added services

Data entry
Book keeping
Software development
Utilizing SS&C systems for the above and tax services, performance services, risk services, financial statement reporting, payments solution.

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FAQs about SS&C Family Office Services

What is SS&C Technologies Holdings?
SS&C Technologies is an industry-leading technology and service provider. SS&C deploys its proprietary technology and experienced service teams to provide front-to-back services to financial institutions of all strategies and sizes. Founded in 1986, SS&C has since grown into one of the world’s largest hedge fund and private equity administrators and mutual funds transfer agencies.
What does SS&C Family Office Services do?
Working in close collaboration with family offices, their team delivers a comprehensive suite of technology-powered services, including portfolio accounting and reporting, full transaction support, partnership accounting, and tax accounting and reporting.
How does SS&C work?
SS&C combines their best-in-class, proprietary technology with a dedicated service team comprised of subject matter experts to serve as an extension of the family office. This dedicated team designs a service model to meet and exceed the requirements and expectations established by the family office.

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