Singapore based Canopy is a turnkey and fully customizable software solution, offering private & anonymous wealth account aggregation, portfolio analytics and client reporting. Covering all kinds of asset classes, markets and currencies, Canopy allows family offices to submit their data, with the platform doing the rest.

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What sets Canopy apart?

"We are the most versatile Financial Data Aggregation & Analytics platform taking Financial Transactions Data in any format, from any custodian and create hyper personalized analytics on it."
Sinan Biren


Get an overview of what this software does.

Main tasks

  • Consolidated reporting
  • Accounting
  • Portfolio management
  • Data aggregation
  • Risk management
  • Impact/ESG reporting
  • Backoffice

Top features

  • Asset/account consolidation
  • Investment/portfolio data aggregation
  • Multi-bank, multi-asset class, multi-currency reporting
  • Data Visualization
  • Data Analytics / Insights
  • BPO
  • Fully customized reporting on bankable and non-bankable assets, Real Estate, Art and more
  • Insight messages via email / whatsapp to stimulate client action
  • General ledger
  • Data sovereignty where each
    client gets their own database for 24/7 write/access

Assets supported

  • Bankable assets
  • Private equity
  • Real estate
  • Rare collectibles


  • MiFID II
  • GDPR
  • FinSA/FinIA


  • Yes

Type Of Software

  • Serviced software
  • SaaS
  • Fully standalone


  • Anonymity of personally identifiable information
  • International security standards
  • Data and database encryption
  • Ethical hackers
  • Firewall systems
  • 2fa authentication
  • Four-eyes updates and improvements
  • Restricted access
  • Staff training
  • ISO 27001 certified


  • Plugs into any system via APIs
  • Xero
  • Sage
  • Quickbooks
  • PowerBI
  • Converts non-standardized data into the desired data format i.e. ViewPoint, Abacus, NavOne account software etc.

Mobile App

  • Yes

Type of data

  • Transaction level


  • Price check with Bloomberg and FactSetc
  • Ensure positions quantity match deposit/loan reinvestments


  • 400+

Time to new custodian

  • 30 mins – 3 weeks


  • Can set multiple base currencies.
  • Can separate holding level gain/loss from currency gain/loss.

Cost structure

  • Flat fee
  • Data based

Average cost p.a.

  • Single Family Office: $20,000–40,000
  • Average RIA: $35,000–70,000

Key Company Info

Have a look at the company, clients and references to learn whether this is a match for you.


  • 50-100


  • $2.5 million +


  • 2014


  • External investors (neither clients nor staff)
  • Clients are also owners
  • Key staff also have ownership
  • Owned by management


  • Singapore


  • United States of America
  • Singapore
  • Switzerland

Top markets

  • United States of America
  • Singapore
  • Hong Kong
  • Switzerland
  • United Arab Emirates
  • United Kingdom

Total AUM

  • $174 billion+

Avg. AUM per client

  • $30 million+ (per HNWI)


  • Single-family offices

Serves also

  • Individual wealth owners
  • Multi-family offices
  • Financial advisors
  • Banks
  • Fund managers


  • +2,400 UBOs (of which +20 billionaires) and approx. +350 wealth managers (i.e. SFOs, MFOs, RIAs, EAMs, WMs,  PBs, trustees & etc.)

Credit Suisse, UBS, Bank of Singapore

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Support & Services

Learn what support and services you can expect

Support options

In person on site support
Dedicated contact
General contact mail or phone

Pricing of support

Free support


1–2 weeks if Canopy is processing PDF Bank Statements.
If Canopy is processing data feeds, then 3 - 6 weeks.


Reporting (via Tableau BI SW, or PowerBI integration)
Individual SQL database can be customised.
Fully customised reporting on PE, Real Estate, Digital Currencies (i.e. Bitcoin), Art Collection, Wine Collection and more.

Added services

Providing Data Backoffice (i.e reconciliation, corporate action fixing)
Create General Ledger

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FAQs about Canopy

What is Canopy?
Canopy offers consolidated reporting solution.
What does Canopy do?
Canopy offers a completely customisable portfolio and wealth account aggregation, portfolio analytics, and client reporting software solution across multiple asset classes, markets, and currencies.
How does Canopy work?
Canopy solves the challenges in complex family office reporting by:
1. Easy and efficient breed client reporting.
2. Seamless management of complex ownership structures through daily entity valuations and perspective trees.
3. Customisable dashboards.
4. Document storage.
5. Alternative asset/investment reporting.
6. Seamless integration with existing software systems.
How much does Canopy cost?
Canopy’s pricing is structured either as an annual licensing fee, transaction fee, AuM fee, transaction use-based, or as a flat fee.