Beyond wealth: Enhancing health and wellness with Private Medical

EPIQ Capital Group was formed in 2018 with the goal of simplifying the financial lives of the most successful professionals and their families.  As a multi-family office and investment firm, EPIQ’s focus extends beyond investments, placing a high priority on the human touch. EPIQ draws on decades of strong partnerships with providers whom they are confident will deliver an elevated EPIQ experience for their clients, extending beyond their core scope of services.

private medical
Updated on May 21, 2024

Private Medical is modern, elevated primary care rooted in science and exceptional service, delivering a proactive, comprehensive, and precision approach to health, medicine, and wellness, with unparalleled access to expert care. For over twenty years, Private Medical’s proven approach has been rooted in relationships, exceptional service, and a model designed with one interest – proactive, evidence-based care to maximize your health and longevity.

About the Company

EPIQ Capital Group

  • Location San Francisco, Dallas, Reno
  • Type Multi Family Office
  • Founded 2018
  • Services Multifamily office and investments

About the Service Provider

Private Medical

  • HQ United States of America
  • Category Health & Wellness Concierge
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The EPIQ opportunity

EPIQ Capital Group’s clients were in search of a healthcare provider that could function as a “family office for health.” They required a service provider that offered customized and attentive care of the highest quality for themselves and their loved ones.

When EPIQ’s clients began expressing interest in support for navigating health and longevity, EPIQ leveraged their extensive first-class network to find a trusted provider that offers customizable and attentive care of the highest quality.

Key criteria for selection

To meet EPIQ’s exceptional standards, a service provider had to pass the following criteria:

Same-day appointments: In serving some of the world’s high-performing UHNW individuals, the healthcare provider needed to guarantee same-day appointments. It also had to provide medical advice and care as soon as necessary, which requires keeping a flexible scheduling system and a sufficient ratio of healthcare professionals to clients.

Access to a physician 24-7: The provider had to be able to deliver direct access to a physician around the clock. Whether for an emergency, an urgent health query, or guidance on minor health concerns, they should have a secure phone line or messaging service staffed by qualified physicians available at all times.

Access to specialists and institutions: The provider needed to have an extensive network of leading specialists and premier medical institutions to ensure clients receive the best possible care for any condition. That involves not just referrals but also coordination of care and follow-ups to ensure a seamless and integrated healthcare experience.

In addition to the above, EPIQ followed its usual rigorous measures when selecting partners. The firm conducted its extensive vetting process, which encompasses due diligence to guarantee privacy, confidentiality, and security. Furthermore, they did reference checks to ensure alignment with client expectations.

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Going with Private Medical

To ensure that they introduced their clients to only the best, EPIQ assessed several premium health and wellness service providers, including Ivy League medical schools across the United States. Ultimately, the firm settled on Private Medical as their recommended healthcare service provider to clients.

Founded over 20 years ago in the heart of Silicon Valley, Private Medical was the first family-oriented, membership-based medical practice to embrace safe and effective medical innovation. Their membership includes:

24/7 direct access: Private Medical members have a direct line to their physician for immediate guidance, global medical arrangements, triage, and urgent care. Each member receives a personalized health roadmap, a data-driven yearly plan for appointments, tests, procedures, and lifestyle goals that include regular check-ins and a comprehensive annual report to track progress.

Dedicated physicians: Private Medical has over 160 physicians, nurses, medical concierge, and support staff who work passionately to provide a full-service, five-star medical service emphasizing prevention, proactivity, and excellent health outcomes. Each member is assigned to a dedicated team comprising a physician, nurse, and care coordinator, and they benefit from the collective wisdom and collaborative partnership of all Private Medical physicians, in-house specialists, and supporting team members.

Expert network: Private Medical has an established, curated network of over 4,000 leading medical specialists domestically and internationally. It collaborates with experts for expeditious, evidence-based medical assessments and decisions.

Final reflections

“We have worked with Private Medical for over a decade and continue to hear positive feedback from clients on their consistency and accessibility that extends beyond a single healthcare network,” says an EPIQ representative.

Having undergone a recent rebranding, EPIQ’s new logo features a gold fingerprint, representing its commitment to delivering a unique wealth management experience to each client. The firm’s vision is to redefine the wealth management landscape, and its partnership with Private Medical is a testament to its approach of prioritizing its clients’ needs and best interests above all else.

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