Arabesque is a sustainability intelligence firm that joins ESG and AI to guide the creation of sustainable economic value. Their proprietary AI solutions, packaged in a clean UX, provide wealth management professionals with easy-to-use information to customise their priorities and portfolios.

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Product and services

They offer three main services. Arabesque Asset Management manufactures sustainable investment products, Arabesque S-Ray researches and publishes non-financial data on over 8,000 listed companies as well as generating scores that independently assess company-level ESG performance, and Arabesque AI manages an artificial intelligence engine that can deliver market-beating active fund management strategies.

About the business

Arabesque Group contributes to the mainstreaming of sustainable finance through their asset management services, as well as the platforms, ESG Book and AutoCIO.


The company was established in July 2013 by Andreas Feiner, Dominic Selwood, Hans-Robert Arndt and Omar Selim.

About the owners and the team

Arabesque’s headquarters are in London, despite its wide range of activities and services, Arabesque is only made up of a team of 200 employees including all 5 founders as co-CEOs.

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