Assure Wealth

Assure Wealth provides clients with simple and understandable overviews of total wealth, risks and returns & reports which may include unlisted shares, private equity and alternative investments.

This solution offers reporting across all asset classes, allowing for comprehensive securities management. Innovative tools like “Wealth Navigator” provide portfolio benchmarking and access to fund fact sheets. In addition, the solution features a high-touch service that makes it ideal for Nordic wealth owners who want to hand over their consolidated reporting needs entirely.

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FAQs about Assure Wealth

What is Assure Wealth?
Assure Wealth offers a financial data aggregation solution.
What does Assure Wealth do?
Assure Wealth provides clients with a complete understanding of their wealth status including detailed risk/return analytics which can include unlisted shares, private equity, as well as alternative investments.
How does Assure Wealth work?
Monitoring, handling, and reporting on client securities holdings and providing consolidated reports by combining data from all concerned 30+ custodians present in Denmark. It also provides regular follow-ups on the clients’ management setup.
How much does Assure Wealth cost?
Assure Wealth’s pricing model is either custodian use-based, transaction use-based, data-based or feature-based.