Atalaya combines technology, data and intelligent analytics to help their clients preserve and grow their wealth. Atalaya complements the day-to-day activities of family offices without interfering with their normal operations, structuring data and applying analytical models to strengthen your family office. All in a secure environment, encrypted to the highest standards.

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What sets Atalaya apart?

"Atalaya is a project created by experts in family office to help you make the best decisions to preserve and grow your wealth for generations to come."
Santiago Reyna


Get an overview of what Atalaya does.

Main Tasks

  • Wealth asset structuring and management
  • Monitoring the entire asset portfolio
  • Qualified deal flow for venture funds
  • Data Aggregation
  • Governance
  • Portfolio Management

Top features

  • Detailed structuring of all asset-related data
  • Asset tracking and monitoring
  • Cashflow
  • Dealflow with automatically scoring new deals
  • Dataroom for storing all asset-related documentation
  • Organisation chart
  • Access control and permissions to increase security and control
  • Synchronization of bank accounts and assets
  • Detection of new investment opportunities
  • Global asset visualization
  • Compilation of insurance policies
  • Notifications
  • Portfolio management

Assets supported

  • Alternative investments incl. art & collectables, private equity, real estate and cryptocurrency
  • Bankable or financial assets & funds
  • Private equity & direct investments
  • Real estate
  • CSR



Type Of Software



ERP integrations

Mobile App


Type of data

Holding level


Atalaya obtains the data from the client’s ERP or financial custodian



Time to new custodian

2 weeks

Cost structure

Flat fee

Average cost p.a.

Atalaya has a pricing structure based on a fixed monthly fee, which includes all functionalities and technical support. To get started with Atalaya, an onboarding process is required, which has a one-off additional cost. The cost can vary from one onboarding to another.

Key Company Information

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  • External investors (neither clients nor staff)
  • Key staff also have ownership
  • Owned by management


  • Spain


  • Valencia


Single family offices

Also serves

  • Individual wealth owners
  • Multi-family offices
  • Fund managers


  • 5 single family offices
  • 3 funds manager

Keith, Elewit, Zubi Group

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Support & Services

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Support options

Dedicated contact
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Pricing of support

Free support

Added Services

Data entry


8 weeks


Most of the software can be customised according to client's needs.

Bespoke development

Atalaya can develop new functionalities according to client's needs.

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