Chubb’s personal insurance coverages and services are designed for families with more to protect.

Whether it’s a home that has been in the family for generations, an art or wine collection, heirloom jewellery, or a luxury vehicle, we protect what matters most to families.

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About the business

Affluent families, like yours, and the offices that support them, face a variety of unique and interconnected risks every day. Chubb's family office practice offers a unique approach to help family offices comprehend and safeguard against complex risks that affect both the families they serve and the business of the family office.


Chubb launched the Family Office Amplifier in 2016 as a flexible insurance package that provides specialised coverage for the unique professional and management liability exposures faced by U.S. family offices.

About the owners and the team

Chubb is the world’s largest publicly traded property and casualty insurance company with operations in 54 countries. They offer a range of commercial and personal insurance options, including personal accident and life insurance.

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