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    Private Bank
    United States of America

    The Citi Private Capital Group is dedicated to serving clients who are represented by private investment companies, family offices, and family-owned businesses. Part of financial services multinational Citigroup, Citibank was founded in 1812. Regardless of need, geography, or level of complexity, the Citi Private Capital Group brings together the vast resources of Citi to fulfil requirements on both institutional services and family office advisory.

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    Facts about the company

    • Founded in 1812
    • Explore Citi’s History

    Facts about the clients.

    • Single-family offices
    • Multi-family offices
    • UHNW Individuals

    Citi's Mission

    We responsibly provide financial services that enable growth and economic progress

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    Equality & diversity

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    In an ever evolving business reality, the ability to be agile and adapt in realtime is crucial. 

    Digital excellence

    Today where digital is a given, we explore how integrated are they to this new reality?

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