CUSTODIGIT AG is a Swiss-based startup backed by key market players such as SIX Digital Exchange and Swisscom.


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Products and services

They provide a technical solution for the custody of digital assets for regulated financial services institutions. The platform allows bank customers to manage the entire lifecycle of their digital assets. The platform has a rich set of features including integration to core banking systems, key management, tax reporting, compliance services and other value-added services.

About the business

Custodigit exclusively serves regulated banks, institutions, and financial service providers.


Custodigit was founded in 2018 as a joint venture by Swisscom and Sygnum. In December 2020, Custodigit was acquired by The Swiss Stock Exchange (SIX).

About the owners and the team

Operating out of Zurich, Custodigit is run by a small team managed by Peter Hofmann, CEO of the company.


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