GreenLock has a focus on analyzing, benchmarking, managing and monitoring fees. Our recent pilot for a client discovered a savings potential of over 40% for managing their assets.


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FAQs about GreenLock

What is GreenLock?
GreenLock is an investment and Cost Management Software.
What does GreenLock do?
It provides an all-in-one solution to analyse, manage, and optimise investment fees and associated costs.
How does GreenLock work?
It uses a computation engine to extract from anonymised transactions ledger along with contractual agreements to produce a historical fee sheet. This data can then be analysed by employing slice-and-dice capabilities to assess the mandate costs, transaction volume, counterparty, and overall reduction potential. It also allows a thorough insight into the costs even at the individual intermediary levels to aid clients to plan out the most effective fee reduction strategies to implement in their operations.
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