Revere provides venture capital data and portfolio management solutions to asset allocators. The VC industry is often opaque, making it difficult for allocators to understand their investments.

Revere’s mission is to help allocators save time and make informed investment decisions by giving them access to data and actionable insights, bringing transparency and accessibility to the VC asset class.


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About the business

By leveraging over 30 years of combined expertise in sourcing, diligence, and managing venture capital portfolios, Revere has built a comprehensive platform that serves as a single source of truth.


Revere VC was founded in 2020 as a purpose-driven asset management firm specialising in venture capital and innovation investing.

About the owners and the team

Eric Woo, Co-Founder and CEO, is passionate about empowering the next generation of emerging fund managers through hands-on guidance, coaching, and mentoring.

Chris Shen, the Co-Founder and COO, focuses on working alongside fund managers and companies to grasp the top-down/bottom-up nature of investing and company-building.

Simple solutions for complex times.