We combine our team’s expertise with our technology, ImpactCloud®, to help your organization improve on the impact measurement process and demonstrate real outcomes.

Sopact is a technology-based social enterprise committed to helping organizations measure and manage impact by directly involving their stakeholders. Sopact has built a deep impact capacity model that allows impact managers to build step by step impact maturity of investment or programs, work collaboratively to improve the outcome of each investment or program and allow impact investors to make a better decision on which investment or program is likely to have a better social return on investment.


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FAQs about Sopact

What is Sopact?
Sopact is an impact and ESG investing solution.
What does Sopact do?
Sopact combines its in-house expertise with its proprietary ImpactCloud technology to help organisations improve their impact measurement process such that they can effect real outcomes from their impact/ESG investments.
How does Sopact work?
Sopact overhauls the generic impact measurement process of organisations by directly involving their stakeholders. It allows impact managers to model a step-by-step impact maturity for every investment that the organisation makes so that they can make improvement actions in a way that a high social return on investment can be achieved.
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