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SRL Global is a statistical research laboratory providing a cutting-edge system, which delivers investment control and management of assets.

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Products and services

SRL, through the Nexus Solution, establishes a secure repository on behalf of the client which it populates with cleaned reconciled and enriched data extracted from the client's own 3rd parties to produce a comprehensive, aggregated set of portfolio holdings.

About the business

SRL empowers asset owners with the ability to understand with full transparency that their portfolio is well managed, and compliant and whether the risk and return profile is in-line with their overall portfolio strategy.


SRL Global was established in 2007 by Neil Puri as a trading and technology joint venture with Man Group Plc, with the goal to develop a proprietary enterprise-wide investment platform. In 2009, after a management buy-out, SRL Global became an independent company backed by ex-Man Group board members and RIT Capital Partners Plc.

About the owners and the team

Headquartered in London, SRL is run by a small team managed by Neil Puri.

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