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Wellworth is a healthcare advisory firm that helps high-net-worth families make informed healthcare choices through a holistic approach. With nearly 100 years of combined patient care experience, its multidisciplinary team works on creating strategies that can decrease risks, covering both physical and behavioural health, addiction treatment, and insurance.


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About the business

The firm helps its clients select the best health insurance, find and provide access to doctors, assist in making treatment decisions and manage all related communications. Wellworth offers personalised guidance and support to family offices in the United States, ensuring they receive top-tier health services.


Wellworth was founded in 2016 by John Samuels after more than 20 years in the healthcare industry. Now, the firm has 11 practitioners, including two emergency room doctors, two family nurse practitioners, and case managers, who consult on things like choosing a primary care physician and analysing the risks of a sick cousin attending a family gathering.

About the owners and the team

John is the Founder and CEO of Wellworth, a boutique firm in New York City that guides individuals and family offices through healthcare systems. His focus areas include health and wealth, family offices, concierge medicine, top-tier medical care, hospitals, emergency medicine, mental health, addiction treatment, and insurance coverage.

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