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Here are the top 5 ESG Data providers

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Ethic Ethic

United States of America
Consolidated Reporting

Ethic works with families and wealth advisors to create custom equity portfolios that can be tailored to unique values, tax preferences, and financial goals.


Clarity AI Clarity AI

United States of America
Impact & ESG

Clarity AI uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to provide investors and advisors with insights to make sustainably informed decisions. 

owl analytics

OWL Analytics

United States of America

OWL Analytics is a data and index provider entirely focused on sustainability. Their approach to ESG deploys big data techniques to increase the data across a broader range of ESG parameters through a consensus model that optimises the objective.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is ESG investing?

ESG refers to the environmental, social, and governance criteria used to measure the social impact of an investment. The ESG investing thesis holds that ESG factors directly impact investment outcomes, so their full implications should be included in the analysis. ESG factors are used to supplement traditional financial analysis, identifying opportunities and risks that exist outside of technical valuations.

What is ESG data?

ESG data analyses the sustainability of potential investments. ESG data providers can offer evaluation metrics and tools, sustainability screenings, raw data sets, fund-level analysis as well as guidance and solutions based on an investor's specific needs.

How to execute an impact investing strategy

How to execute an impact investing strategy

Impact investing goes beyond financial outcomes and allows family offices to direct their money towards positive transformation. These good intentions are not enough, however, and to make a real impact, you’ll need a solid impact investment strategy. Here’s how to establish and execute a successful impact strategy.

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How does ESG fit into your impact strategy?

What is the difference between ESG and impact investing?

ESG is the framework used to evaluate how responsible a company’s operations are. Impact investing is an investment strategy that seeks to create positive and measurable social and environmental change through investments.

How do family offices use ESG data?

Future-thinking family offices and conscious-minded investors know that there is more to investments than just financial returns and many put their money towards creating a sustainable world for all. They primarily use ESG data to analyse a business’s ethical and environmental efforts and identify the best investment opportunities based on this.

Here are some of the ESG Investing and ESG Data providers that we work with

When it comes to family offices, many trusted advisors are seasoned professionals who have developed close ties to the family heads.

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