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Full Job Description

Essential Job Functions:

  • Prepare and maintain the schedule of loan terms including maturities, guaranty structure, and performance covenants.
  • Monitor performance covenants periodically and prepare reports showing upcoming test dates, with required performance vs current performance
  • Develop and maintain portfolio reports showing key performance metrics for all hotels.
  • Identify opportunities for improvement through variance analysis and benchmarking.
  • Work with the CFO and Operations teams to create, implement, and monitor action plans to improve the performance of focus hotels or line items.
  • Assist with return-on-investment calculations annually for all hotels.
  • Coordinate periodic portfolio reviews with senior leaders and operations teams to review hotel performance and to identify goals for each asset addressing investment performance, loan issues, franchise issues, renovation needs, and hold/sell strategies.
  • Assist CFO to negotiate and close new loans and refinance loans
  • Prepare KPI comparisons of the Company’s portfolio vs publicly traded peers
  • Effectively interact with external parties to include lenders, capital partners, third party consultants, and other hotel developers, owners and managers

Successful Candidates will have the following job requirements:

  • Master’s degree in finance, or an equivalent combination of education and experience
  • 5+ years’ experience in commercial real estate finance
  • Experience working in the Hospitality industry preferred
  • Strong understanding of human resource management principles, practices, and procedures
  • Understanding of budgeting, accounting and procurement procedures
  • Strong creative, leadership, and critical thinking skills

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