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Together with our team of analysts, recruiting specialists and marketers, you will achieve the greatest added value for the future of your company.

Professional Summary:

  • We have been managing the assets of a Munich family since 1990.
  • Our mission is to invest these assets in companies that combine a unique business model with strong competitive advantages into a business “franchise”.
  • We hold such investments permanently, preferably for the next generation of the family.
  • Currently, we have made investments in 26 companies, their turnover ranges from 2 – 28 million euros per year.
  • Our group employs more than a thousand people, including about fifty trainees, and is growing at an excellent double-digit rate.
  • Of the 26 companies, twelve are number one or two in their industry in terms of profitability.
  • Our focus industries are software – water & fluid management – health – industry & services.
  • We prefer to invest in subscription businesses, i. e. businesses with recurring revenues.
  • Such revenues can come from maintenance/spare parts/consumables for physical products, maintenance contracts/SaaS revenues for software, and generally high criticality/high switching risk of the service provided – in any case, they create high customer loyalty.
  • This gives subscription businesses very high visibility for revenues and earnings in the long time frames we think.
  • In addition, subscription businesses are usually very profitable.

Investment Criteria:

  • Recurring revenue; niche; moat in software, healthcare, water & fluid management, industry & services.

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