Laura Hermann
Transforming markets through social engagement.

Laura draws on her experiences managing complex situations to shape purposeful paths for organisations and individuals to improve interactions, set shared goals and achieve results.
laura hermann

Laura is a writer, trainer and strategist whose work with high-net-worth individuals and family offices has prepared them to respond to complex and controversial issues. With deep experience in science and engineering, she has helped investors entering emergent sectors such as blockchain, quantum computing, carbon-free power production and industrial electrification. She has helped family-run and founder-led businesses adapt to new operating conditions. Her approach uses transverse planning tools to consider how regulation, public acceptance, investor confidence, international commerce and intellectual property protections may influence legacy brands.

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Insights Laura has written

Family office succession: Reconciling with a family's dirty past
Family office succession: Reconciling with a family's dirty past
PR & Reputation Management

A shift in generational leadership can also mean rethinking what "good business" means. Today, environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) shapes investment mandates as well as workplace culture.

Simple solutions for complex times.