Maggie Spicer

Bridging the intersection of philanthropic venture capital with small to mid-size businesses having a net-positive impact on the community they serve. In other words, angel investing with charitable capital.
maggie spicer

Board-level executive with 15+ years of experience spanning brand experience, brand strategy, serial entrepreneurship, venture placement, and impact investing across public and private sectors.

Currently, Maggie leads a philanthropic venture studio and advisory service that focuses on hospitality, food & beverage, health, fintech and lifestyle verticals. She also mentors founders and startups on how to work with philanthropic venture capital and GTM strategy.

Maggie has been featured in major media, including The New York Times, FastCompany, The San Francisco Chronicle, The Information, and Santa Clara University Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, among others. She has spoken at conferences like La Marzocco on the Art of the Guest Experience in Paris and featured on The Recipe (Brand & Deliver), a hospitality-driven podcast based in Copenhagen.

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Empowering impact: Channeling philanthropic capital into for-profit initiatives
Empowering impact: Channeling philanthropic capital into for-profit initiatives

Donor Advised Funds (DAFs) have emerged as a strategic tool in this new philanthropic landscape, offering a flexible and innovative approach to stewarding capital for social and financial returns. In this insight, Simple Expert Maggie Spicer discusses the benefits of channelling philanthropic capital into for-profit initiatives through DAFs.