Nuno Lopes Gama

Investments in value require a stoic approach – a triad of wisdom, courage and temperance.
Nuno Lopes Gama, family office advisor

Nuno’s professional career spans working in executive and pedagogical roles with non-profit organizations and executive roles within marketing, sales, operations, technology and innovation in different companies of the main Portuguese enterprise group. As Executive Board Member of Casa de Investimentos, he helps to nurture optimistic and patient investors.

Nuno holds a degree in Industrial Electrical Engineering from the University of Minho in Portugal, a master’s in Business Management from the University of Porto, as well as several executive educations from Porto Business School, University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business, and MIT Sloan School of Management. Nuno has received individual and collective awards from bodies such as University of Minho, Portuguese Physics Society, the European Excellence Awards, and Startup Europe Partnership.

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Protect and grow family wealth through investment time-horizons
Protect and grow family wealth through investment time-horizons

For family offices looking to protect and grow family wealth, a time-horizons’ tiered approach to wealth management is paramount. For those charged with financial decision making, these time projections are arguably the most sensible strategy to preserve, grow and transfer wealth within a family context. We look at how pine nuts, pine trees and oak trees can secure wealth for future generations.