Pauline Borg

Wealth owners can play a key role in driving positive change through their economic capital. Based in Zürich, Switzerland, I work with European families seeking to align their wealth with purpose and positive change.
Pauline Borg

Pauline, a 5th generation member of a Finnish industrial family business, is on a mission to empower the next-generation of family business owners to take a holistic approach to their economic capital (business, investments and philanthropy) to drive more positive impact on society, the environment and the economy through her work at KAIROS.

Her focus is on driving positive societal and environmental change—whether through transforming family business operations towards regenerative models, advocating for genuine impact investing, or urging a more systemic approach to philanthropy.

The ambition behind KAIROS is deeply rooted in her introspection on the role that wealth owners can play in contributing to a more just and sustainable future.

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