The Family Office Market Playbook: 
Crypto Service Providers

If you're a crypto custodian, trading platform, prime broker, or another technology provider - download our playbook with everything you need to know to enter the family office market.

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What will you discover in this playbook?

Our playbooks package our deep family office industry knowledge & research in a relevant and easy-to-use 30-page format for the rapidly growing crypto and digital asset segment.

The family office landscape

Learn about the purpose of family offices, the various different shapes they take and how they structure.

How family offices operate

We break down the different functions and outline the opportunities for crypto providers.

Unique investing needs

Crypto investments form part of a broader strategic asset allocation, designed to reach specific investment goals.

Security Expectations

Explore the five types of non-financial risks and how the traditional family mindset has shaped expectations around these.

Why custody holds the key

Custody is a well-established concept within the family office world in the form of global custody solutions. Learn why this is the foundation to crypto relationships

The family office tech stack

The tech supporting family offices is becoming increasingly sophisticated and crypto as an asset class has to be able to operate within the solution suite.

Simple solutions for complex times.