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Private banking combines established banking practices with new realities of macroeconomic conditions and disruptive market forces. As it is vital for family offices to create a partnership with a banking provider, their structures impact their banking needs. The top emerging banking needs are custody, transaction, credit, trust and fiduciary services, and unified reporting and treasury.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do family offices need a banking provider?

To maintain a diverse portfolio, family offices need advisory and strategic investment expertise. Banks with a focus on family offices can provide complex asset structure management and custody, and recognise investment opportunities and important deal flows.

What is a custodian?

Custodians function as trusted keepers of securities and provide the means of deposit, transfer, and withdrawal. They can have primarily local reach in a single currency or be large global institutions with branches across the world.

How to choose a family office bank

How to choose a family office bank

The popularisation of the family office has caused an outflow of assets from the private banking space. However, banks have responded by significantly improving their family office service offering and are becoming more customer-centric in their approach. When choosing a banking partner, the key is to strike the right balance between the capabilities that are employed in the family office and the offerings that are sourced from your bank.

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What services do private banks offer to family offices?

Private banks offer a wide range of services including bespoke developments tailored to the unique needs of family offices. Traditionally, they offer wealth and asset management, financial and tax planning, personal credit lines, trusts, fiduciary, and estate planning.

How do family offices choose the right bank?

To choose a banking partner successfully, family offices must first evaluate their internal management capacities. As they tend to operate in various areas, it is crucial to decide which operations can be managed in-house and which need to be outsourced. The family’s asset structure is another factor that affects the unique needs of each family and can help with selection criteria based on the core services of a banking provider.

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