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Frequently Asked Questions

What does accounting software do?

There is a wide scope of operations that fall under the umbrella of family office accounting, including investment management and analysis, general ledger accounting and other back-office processes. Family office accounting can vary depending on their investment vehicles and needs. Investment and fund accounting, especially, are two examples where accounting might take different routes within a family office context. Accounting software can integrate these operations and portfolios into a single platform.

What kind of tech solutions are available?

Accounting software can control CRM, client communication and reporting on data. Additionally, it can establish analysis systems that collate all components of investment funds, including managing investor capital accounts and calculating performance.

A Simple guide to implementing family office technology

A Simple guide to implementing family office technology

To execute a successful technology rollout in any family office, there has to be forward-planning, with clear objectives and required outcomes. This guide lays out how to get started with implementing family office technology to start improving your processes, promoting productivity, and saving time now.

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Why does my family office need this software?

Family offices have a pressing need to set up, manage, and outsource their accounting operations and there is a growing number of tech solutions that can automate and optimise these processes while delivering operational efficiency and insight. A family office’s needs and internal capabilities often determine whether an accounting service or software is best suited. In some cases, a service-driven offering might be more suitable than a self-service product.

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FundCount is a unified accounting and investment analysis solution that improves operational efficiency and brings actionable intelligence to investment management professionals.

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Common family office technology challenges and how to resolve them
Common family office technology challenges and how to resolve them

When compared with multi-client organisations, family offices often face more challenges when selecting and implementing technology. And when it comes to technology to leverage their processes and operations, they need to navigate issues such as systems’ complexity, consistency or cost.

Level up your operations with family office technology
Level up your operations with family office technology

Technology is crucial for family offices in order to automate and optimise data, which can help with transparency, better decision-making opportunities, and better data security. Not only can technology provide access to real-time data, but family offices can track overall wealth and assist with an outsourcing strategy.